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Digital recorder captures S/PDIF audio with the Raspberry Pi Pico

Pseudonymous manufacturer Elehobica has turned the Raspberry Pi Pico board into a high-resolution digital recorder that converts S/PDIF input signal into WAV files.

The data received from the S/PDIF input is recorded as a WAV file to a microSD card connected directly to the Raspberry Pi Pico's general purpose SPI device. “It is advisable to use as short wires as possible, otherwise a mount-and-record error will occur,” noted Elehobica.

Files are automatically split into parts, and during longer periods, the recorder goes into standby mode until audio is detected again. There is one small caveat for those seeking higher resolutions - and that's why the brief description of Elehobica's capabilities lists 176.4kHz and 192kHz in parentheses: “Due to the limitations of the single-bit SPI interface, even with the highest class microSD cards (as of 2024), recording in the 24-bit formats 176.4 kHz or 192.0 kHz is difficult. This sometimes results in sample data dropping out,” explained Elehobika.