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Electronics news

International Electronic Circuits Exhibition in Shanghai May 13-15, 2024

The International Exhibition organized by China Printed Circuits Association is held annually in Shanghai. It helps to promote industry innovation and advanced technology in electronic manufacturing.

The 2024 International Electronic Circuits Exhibition will be held in Shanghai from May 13 to 15 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. The exhibition will bring together domestic and foreign electronic circuit manufacturers.

The exhibition will showcase advanced technologies and innovations in electronic manufacturing, such as printed circuit boards, electronic assembly, intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection, water treatment, cleanrooms, etc. A themed exhibition area will be organized where industry professionals can explore all the latest technologies and developments.

The exhibition will host the "International Forum on Printed Circuit Board Information Technology", where experts from different countries will share important reports and discuss the latest technological trends. The exhibition expects more than 50,000 professional visitors, including company executives, which will enable the event participants to establish useful connections and expand business opportunities.