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Tips for reducing crosstalk

As circuit density continues to increase, the importance of combating crosstalk problems increases.

To ensure signal integrity and optimal PCB performance, you need to be aware of methods to combat them.

1. Component placement - grouping similar components together and moving the most sensitive ones away from noise sources, reducing the length of high-speed signal paths, and optimizing signal paths.
2. Maintaining a certain distance between tracks carrying differential or asymmetric signals.
3. impedance-controlled routing. The key factors are track width and track spacing.
4. The presence of a solid ground plane under the signal tracks. It is important to properly separate the signal tracks from the ground tracks.
5. Decoupling capacitors, used to separate one part of an electrical circuit from another. They are placed in close proximity to the power and ground pins of integrated circuits to provide decoupling.
6. The order in which the signal layers are stacked on a printed circuit board: protecting sensitive signals, locating reference planes, setting impedance, placing through channels, and controlling sockets.