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Electronics news

MacDermid Alpha Sterling and AlphaSTAR PCB Coatings

MacDermid Alpha has introduced Sterling and AlphaSTAR immersion silver finish coatings for standard PCBs.

Sterling is an immersion silver coating that provides exceptional solder joint strength, touch panel functionality, strong wire bonding and in-circuit test compatibility.

Sterling advantages:
- A versatile and flexible solution that can be applied on both horizontal and vertical equipment;
- durable coating that can withstand repeated overheating due to full compatibility with fluxes and pastes;
- reliability and long service life due to the Cu/Sn solder joint.

AlphaSTAR is a high-performance silver coating that is resistant to micro voids. It has tarnish resistance, low contact resistance, prevents galvanic etching and is extremely easy to use. AlphaSTAR is RoHS and WEEE compliant.