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CYC5000 FPGA development board

Arrow Electronics simplifies AI development with the CYC5000 FPGA development board in a compact 25.0 x 70.7 mm form factor.

Altera's Cyclone V FPGA system-on-chip, the main feature of the CYC5000 board, contains from 25,000 logic elements, 25 DSP blocks, and on-chip FPGA memory blocks. In addition, the board has 64MBit SDRAM and 64MBit Flash memory, a USB interface, and operates from a 5V power supply.

In addition to the Arduino connector, the CRUVI connector allows for easy addition of high-speed signal adapters for additional interfaces and applications. The AI camera demo utilizes an image sensor connected via the CRUVI adapter and runs a convolutional neural network, image filtering, MIPI input, and HDMI output on the Cyclone V.