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Electronics news

AT&S opens new R&D center for IC substrate and packaging technologies

A new R&D center for substrate and packaging technologies for ICs will open in early 2024.

ISO 3 and ISO 4 substrate manufacturing rooms are cleaner than a hospital operating room, as even the smallest particles of dirt pose a risk to high-tech products. AT&S has created the cleanest working environment in Styria.

The mode of operation at the production facility will be 5-shift with a fixed sequence of morning, afternoon and night shifts. Working hours will be reduced to 32.4 hours per week. The shift premium will be 300 euros.

"Even those who have previously worked in non-technical fields will be able to apply for positions at AT&S," says Eduard Lackner, senior HR manager for AT&S in Austria. "We have training programs and also help those who change careers and will be able to adapt to our high-tech world." English will be the corporate language in AT&S' multinational work environment, but it is not a prerequisite for production work. "Work at the new center will begin in early 2024 and we want to attract as many new employees as possible."