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Taco Chicken board for industrial control projects

Maker Corey Earle has developed a multifunctional industrial control and communication board built on the Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32 module.

"I was looking for a way to control and communicate with a solar-powered car scale," Earle explains the origin of Taco Chicken. "The scales are designed to run on mains power (120V) and constant power. We didn't have ready access to mains power at their location, and given the ease and availability of solar panels, we decided to go that route."

The control board developed includes RS232 and RS485 support, four 10A MOSFET outputs with dedicated LED indicators, two DRV8870 motor drivers providing 3.6A each or 7A total.

The Taco Chicken features four analog inputs with filters, I2C on a D-sub connector and an OLED display connector, as well as two digital inputs, a third digital input for Dalls One-Wire sensors, and a CH340 USB port.

More information about Taco Chicken can be found on Earl's page on Hackaday.io.