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Electronics news

Indium Corporation's package of advanced assembly materials for PCBA and power electronics

Indium Corporation will showcase proven advanced materials for PCBA and power electronics at Productronica, November 14-17 in Munich, Germany.

Some of the products developed with Rel-ion's proprietary technology that Indium Corporation will be showcasing at Productronica are:

1. Indalloy301 LT alloy for preforms/InFORMS is a new Pb-free alloy. The alloy reduces processing temperatures when brazing preforms.
2. InFORMS - Reinforced brazing alloys that improve mechanical and thermal reliability. Designed to produce consistent solder line thickness in power modules.
3. InTACK - A no-clean, no-mess, halogen-free adhesive. Designed for use in airless reflow processes, it is highly adhesive to hold the die, chip or solder preform in place without shifting.
4. QuickSinter paste is a new approach to high metal content, low organic content sintering technology. Provides fast drying and sintering times for high productivity. Includes the InFORCE line of pressure sintering pastes and the InBAKE line of non-pressure sintering pastes.
5. Durafuse LT - solder paste alloys with universal characteristics for low temperature and step soldering.
6. Durafuse HR - alloy with improved thermal cycling characteristics (-40/125°C and -40/150°C).
7. Indium8.9HF solder paste series - does not require cleaning and is halogen-free.

To learn more about why more than four million electric vehicles utilize Indium Corporation's innovative materials, visit booth #A4.309 at Productronica 2023.