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Electronics news

Indium Corporation has acquired SAFI-Tech to enhance soldering technology

Indium Corporation, a global leader in refining, smelting, manufacturing and supplying materials for electronics, announced the acquisition of SAFI-Tech, which will result in an expanded product portfolio.

Last year, Indium Corporation partnered with SAFI-Tech to launch a supercooled BiSn-based solder paste. This utilized SAFI-Tech's innovative solder platform, which allows molten metal to remain liquid at below-freezing temperatures. Using this platform, standard industrial alloys such as SAC305 can be soldered at temperatures below typical low-temperature solder temperatures (LTS), and other alloys can be soldered at temperatures below ambient.
"The SAFI-Tech subcooling platform is an exciting addition to our award-winning product portfolio, allowing us to create the next generation of solder materials," said Ross Berntson, president and chief operating officer of Indium Corporation. "This innovation has far-reaching potential."
In addition to the acquisition of the Iowa-based company, Indium Corporation will also benefit from the addition of co-founder, co-inventor and SAFI-Tech President Dr. Ian Tevis to the company as Research and Development Manager. In this position, Dr. Tevis will lead the applied technology group and manage the ongoing research and development of SAFI-Tech's supercooled products.