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Arduino-based industrial controller

Jan Neumann has developed fastLOGIC! - an Arduino-based industrial logic controller for small automation and control systems. The fastLOGIC! board is based on the Microchip ATmega328P microcontroller - the same MCU used in the Arduino Uno and Nano.

The open source fastLOGIC! board is suitable for fast control and automation of smart home devices. Size: 92 x 60 mm.

The main user interface consists of three buttons, two LEDs and a four-digit seven-segment display. The three buttons are connected to a single analog input on the MCU. The display model requires only two MCU pins because it utilizes the TM1637 driver chip.

Usage options:
- programmable refrigerator controller;
- water level dependent pump controller;
- a timer that is started by a push button;
- an actuator that is activated and moved to its final stop when it receives a signal from a trigger;
- some sensor data to be displayed;
- a water level sensor/alarm.

The project is still under active development. Do not use the relay to switch mains voltage! It is only suitable for low voltage and current below 5A.