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Electronics news

Opening of first manufacturing facility in Penang

TTM Technologies has opened its first manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia with an investment of $200 million.

The opening of the Penang plant will strengthen the growth and sustainability of the Malaysian electronics and electrical engineering industry and enhance capabilities in PCB manufacturing. This project is fully aligned with the strategic objectives set out in the New Industrial Master Plan ("NIMP") 2030, which focuses on strengthening the semiconductor ecosystem. This provides opportunities for skills development and knowledge sharing among local talent, strengthening Malaysia's position on the global stage as a competitive, technologically advanced country.

Mr. Thomas Edman, President and CEO of TTM Technologies, commented, "The opening of the Penang plant marks an important milestone for TTM. We are excited to embark on our expansion plan to provide our customers with advanced PCB technology solutions. Today, we are proud to celebrate the grand opening of TTM's first large-scale, advanced technology-equipped facility in Southeast Asia. As we enter a new era of innovation and expansion, we are committed to raising industry standards, meeting customer needs and driving TTM's growth as a new entrant in the Malaysian economy."