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Electronics news

Global Printed, Flexible and Hybrid Electronics Market Report

DUBLIN, October 27, 2023 Global Green and Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing Market 2024-2034 report elaborates on the key technologies, key industry players, diverse applications and future prospects of the electronics market

- Electronics evolution from 2018 to 2023;
- forecasts for electronics technologies, including wearable technologies through 2034;
- revenue forecasts from 2023 to 2034.

The report provides profiles of over 900 companies actively involved in the commercialization of flexible display, printed sensors, stretchable circuits, e-textiles, flexible batteries, and supercapacitor technologies. Manufacturing technologies such as printed electronics, flexible hybrid electronics, and roll-to-roll technology that are contributing to the next generation of electronics are analyzed in detail.

Readers will find valuable insights in the report, including factors significantly influencing the economic situation and market development, SWOT analysis, revenue forecasts to 2033, and segmentation by product, component, material, application, and region. The report also evaluates opportunities in various areas including wearable devices, healthcare sensors, flexible displays, structural electronics, printed photovoltaics, and smart product labeling.