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Electronics news

Altium launches BOM Portal

Altium, a global leader in electronics design systems, announced the launch of BOM Portal as part of the Altium 365 platform.

BOM Portal is designed to improve collaboration between engineering and procurement teams. Procurement professionals now have the ability to receive information about upcoming projects before they are released, allowing them to identify problems early in the development process. BOM Portal

The key capabilities of the BOM Portal are:
1. Breaks down barriers between engineering and procurement teams, facilitating direct communication and significantly reducing the risk of miscommunication, errors and delays.
2. Provides access to real-time detailed component information from Octopart, S&P Global (formerly IHS Markit), SiliconExpert, and soon Z2Data, improving the procurement and design process.
3. Provides users with tools to effectively manage BOM, including automatic enrichment of data with details and lifecycle information.
4. Identifies potential supply chain disruptions, enabling timely response to component and market fluctuations.
5. Reduces component sourcing time, speeding up the design process and reducing time to market.
6. Improves product quality and sustainability.