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Electronics news

Indium Corporation Solder Product of the Year

Indium Corporation, a manufacturer and supplier of electronics, semiconductors, thin films and thermal management systems, has won the Best of Industry Award 2023, Electronics Maker magazine's prestigious award for soldering product of the year.

The award was for InFORMS.
InFORMS are reinforced solder molds that help maintain the desired joint line and promote good solder wetting. They provide increased strength and a more consistent joint line thickness, maximizing the thermal and mechanical reliability of the solder joint.

The Best of Industry Awards recognize companies for outstanding achievements in electronics design and technology. Winners are selected based on demonstrated leadership, product innovation, and excellence in their field.

InFORMS solder frames come in a variety of shapes, including rectangular and disk-shaped, as well as custom shapes to meet specific application requirements. InFORMS are also available as solder tape for automated assembly.