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Electronics news

Cloud OpenLink for EDA intervendor collaboration

Synopsys has taken the first step towards enabling inter-vendor collaboration in the Synopsys Cloud (2022) with the introduction of the Synopsys Cloud OpenLink program.

The Synopsys Cloud OpenLink program supports seamless interoperability and secure access to a variety of chip design and verification resources in the cloud, enabling design teams to build better quality chips faster and more efficiently.

"Customers are successfully deploying complex design flows on Synopsys Cloud using EDA tools and their chosen ICs in projects spanning AI, automotive, mobile and data center applications," said Shankar Krishnamoorthy, CEO of Synopsys EDA Group. "The Synopsys Cloud OpenLink program is a natural extension of this solution, further enabling the development of robust design flows with industry-wide interoperability."

"The program enables more designers to take advantage of our SaaS offering, unifying the design ecosystem to accelerate chip development through a seamless cloud environment," Krishnamurthy added. The cloud will be a mechanism for collaboration between companies and OEMs. That is why we are at the stage of creating an open system."