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Electronics news

M5Stack 13.2 Programmable Power Supply

M5Stack has announced a programmable power supply based on STMicroelectronics' STM32 processor, capable of consistently delivering 100W from 0.5V to 30V, as well as compatibility with the Core series of boards.

"PPS Module 13.2 is a programmable power supply," M5Stack writes about its latest development. "This module utilizes step-down converter technology, supports a wide DC 9-36V input voltage range, and integrates the [STMicro] STM32 control processor and [Analog Devices] AD8418 high-resolution current amplifier."

According to the company, the compact power supply is rated for 100W continuous and 150W peak power and can be programmed to deliver voltages from 0.5V to 30V via a banana connector.

PPS Module 13.2 is available for order from the developer store for $24.50.