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Steve Chamberlin's VGA Mac Sync-inator

Engineer and vintage computer enthusiast Steve Chamberlin has developed an adapter for Apple Macintosh computers: the VGA Mac Sync-inator, which is compatible with modern monitors by using not one, but three different synchronization modes.

The Sync-inator allows you to use many types of VGA monitors that previously wouldn't work with Apple Macintosh because of synchronization compatibility issues. It also eliminates problems due to passive VGA adapters with DIP switches by using a microcontroller to automatically adjust adapter settings.

The Sync-inator can be used as a debugging tool: a pair of built-in LEDs light up when a composite or split sync signal is detected, confirming the presence of a video signal even if the connected monitor can't see it, and a debug log, accessible via the USB serial port, provides information on exactly what the signal is and what synchronization conversions are taking place.

The VGA Mac Sync-inator is available from Big Mess o' Wires for $39 in a complete assembly.