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Electronics news

Quectel expands manufacturing partnership with Syrma SGS Technology Limited

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, announced a partnership with Syrma SGS Technology Ltd, a leading electronics manufacturing service provider to produce a range of IoT modules in India.

The partnership is in line with the Make in India initiative, which aims to make India a global design and manufacturing center.

The collaboration will leverage Quectel's expertise in the development of cellular and connectivity modules, and utilize Syrma SGS's skills in the design and manufacture of electronic systems to deliver high quality products and services to customers both in India and globally. "By combining Quectel's advanced technology with Syrma SGS's electronics manufacturing expertise, we aim to bring unparalleled innovation to the market," commented Norbert Murer, President and CEO of Quectel Wireless Solutions.

The collaboration addresses the diverse needs of various industries including telecommunications, automotive, smart metering, sound units and other sectors. Both companies share a commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in their products and services.