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Electronics news

STMicroelectronics announced the release of ST Edge AI Suite in 2024

STMicroelectronics will release ST Edge AI Suite, an integrated set of software tools to accelerate Edge AI adoption in the first half of 2024.

A preview of ST Edge AI Suite capabilities was demonstrated at the online ST Edge AI Summit. ST Edge AI Suite is a set of tools that represents the company's vision of a future where Edge AI is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of everyday digital life.

STMicroelectronics is offering the ST Edge AI Suite to hardware developers free of charge, which will facilitate knowledge sharing among specialists. The suite is compatible with a wide range of ST hardware and with competitors' hardware: general purpose and automotive microcontrollers, microprocessors and smart sensors. This compatibility will provide developers with the flexibility to choose the most appropriate hardware for specific AI applications.

Recognizing the importance of machine learning in Edge AI, the suite will provide seamless integration with major AI frameworks to facilitate the development of AI models and their implementation in ST hardware.