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Electronics news

New HighTemp flexible circuitry operating up to 250°C from All Flex Solutions

All Flex Solutions has introduced a new HighTemp circuit with high-temperature performance.

While traditional polyimide designs are designed to operate up to 200°C, HighTemp can operate at temperatures up to 250°C.

All Flex engineers developed the circuit by testing a range of materials under different processing options. HighTemp flexible circuits for high-temperature circuits are making their debut in high-temperature applications in aerospace, downhole pumps for oil and gas drilling.

HighTemp features and benefits:

- Improved thermal performance.
- Significantly higher temperature rating.
- Double-sided and multi-layer.
- UL 94V-0 and 746F rated operating temperature, 250°C.
- IPC-4204A/11 compliance.
- RoHS compliant.
- Excellent heat resistance.
- Maxi-flex lengths up to 6 feet or more.