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Electronics news


Crosstalk is a common problem with high-speed digital and analog circuits that degrades signal integrity.

If the tracks on a PCB are too close or parallel to each other, capacitive crosstalk can occur between them. Inductive crosstalk can also occur due to magnetic fields created by current flowing on one track inducing a voltage on a neighboring track.

Crosstalk in differential lines is interference between two tracks of a differential pair, where each track carries the same signal but in an inverted form. They are caused by imbalances in the electromagnetic fields produced by each track, the distance between them, impedance and electromagnetic interference from external sources. Signal integrity is compromised and in-phase noise appears.

Asymmetrical crosstalk is the coupling between the electromagnetic field and the neighboring asymmetrical track. They affect asymmetrical signals with high bit rates and can occur between parallel tracks, unshielded tracks, or tracks that are too close together. Lead to signal distortion, false oscillations, and increased noise levels.