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PCB Design Programs - Top 5 Programs

4, 5 programs out of 5: KiCad and OrCAD PCB Designer Professional

4. KiCad
KiCad is a free and open source software package for PCB design. The program was developed by Jean-Pierre Charras of the University of Grenoble in 1992. Includes schematic management, PCB routing and 3D modeling.

Functions and features:
- Kicad: project manager.
- Eeschema: electrical schematic editor.
- Pcbnew: PCB editor.
- Cvpcb: utility for selecting physical footprints of components used in a schematic.
- Gerbview: a Gerber file viewer.
- Pcbcalculator: an auxiliary tool for calculating resistor values, track widths, etc.

5. Cadence OrCAD PCB Designer
The program was created in 1988 by Cadence Design Systems.

Features and functions:
- Development of schematics, layouts and routing.
- Automatic creation and modification of shapes.
- Automatic BGA creation assistance.
- Modeling and analysis in PSpice.
- Improved performance and reliability while optimizing costs.
- Automatic validation of schematics.
- Mechanical and electrical modeling of electronic circuits.
- OrCAD circuit.
- Symbol editor.
- Integrated search for electronic components.
- Integrated design constraints.