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Electronics news

Bramble develops the world's cheapest fuel cell technology

UK-based Bramble's PCB fuel cell utilizes innovative manufacturing processes to create stacks of virtually any size and arrangement.

The company intends to produce layers of fuel cell stacks on a single PCB panel, reducing their cost from $1,000/kW today to $100/kW.
The core of Bramble's PCB-based fuel cell is a standard laminate that serves as a bipolar plate and provides structural integrity, routing, current harvesting, sealing and more. Unlike traditional technologies, Bramble's PCB-based approach enables high-volume production at existing facilities. Today, the U.K. prototype PCB facility has a production capacity of about 250 panels per day.
The PCB fuel cell stacks are in the early stages of testing. Full testing of the stack is expected in Q2 2024.
Bramble Energy's digitally engineered fuel cell design allows for the production of units of different sizes and varying capacities, giving customers control over their own supply chain.