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Electronics news

Amitron has received MIL-SPEC certification for PCB manufacturing

Amitron, a company with extensive experience in PCB manufacturing, has successfully completed the MIL-PRF-31032 validation of its Illinois manufacturing facility. A key factor in Amitron achieving Mil-Spec certification was the transformation of Factory 5.0.

Factory 5.0 leverages the power of AI and advanced software systems to build better manufacturing processes. For the past forty years, the company

Amitron has been supplying defense and aerospace customers with highly engineered printed circuit boards.

Certification ensures high quality PCBs, ensures their durability, especially in extreme environments, reliable and stable performance under various loads, promotes standardization, and ensures compatibility and interoperability in multifaceted military and technical ecosystems.

Aidan Salvi is Amitron's Director of Transformation, an executive at one of the largest PCB manufacturers in North America with over 40 years of experience. Through his extensive career spanning manufacturing, change management, technology, logistics and software, Salvi has the strategic vision to keep Amitron at the forefront of industry innovation. He is also the author of the monthly "Facing the Future" column in SMT007, a leading electronics industry publication published by I-Connect007.