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The H2Z80 is a compact Zilog Z80-based microcomputer built on Perfboard

Retrocomputing enthusiast student Joris Clayton is building a Zilog Z80-based computer.

As the name suggests, the Homebrew Handwired Z80 Computer is entirely hand-built.

The main board is the motherboard: It contains a Z80 processor running at 4MHz, 32K ROM and 64K RAM (two 65256s at 32K each), a Z80 SIO chip, clocking for the Z80 processor and Z80 SIO, an I/O device with a 74HC154 that supports up to 16 I/Os, an LM7805 regulator, three expansion slots with 31 2. 54mm pins each, 10 LEDs that help monitor some processor control pins and a simple reset circuit.

The display is nothing more than a simple 4.3-inch display running RCA video, modified slightly to add an audio output with a single PAM8403 amplifier and two speakers running in mono;

More information about the project, including expansion slots and the unfinished circuit, can be found on Clayton's page: https://hackaday.io/project/195954-the-homebrew-handwired-z80-computer-h2z80.