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Conformal coating ELPEGUARD SL 1800 FLZ

The ELPEGUARD SL 1800 FLZ conformal coating is safe to use and UL-certified.

Printed circuit boards protected with this coating can be used outdoors. Thanks to the moisture-protective material, minor wetting does not affect their functionality.

“For example, garden lawn mowers or cordless screwdrivers can safely be used outdoors even in the rain,” says Johannes Teckat, describing the additional benefits of the coatings, which meet all established electrical and fire safety requirements. “UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories Inc.”, reports Hartmut Giesen, who works at Peters in coating technology and advises customers on specialty varnishes for PCB production and specialty technologies. The U.S. testing organization that awards the mark is the world's leading certification organization for materials, components and end products for product safety of all kinds.