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Microchip PIC32CZ CA 300 MHz Arm Cortex-M7 microcontrollers equipped with hardware safety module (HSM)

Microchip PIC32CZ CA is a new family of Arm Cortex-M7 microcontrollers in which the PIC32CZ CA90 is equipped with a hardware safety module (HSM) and the PIC32CZ CA80 is without one.

The HSM in the PIC32CZ CA90 provides enhanced security for industrial and consumer applications and operates as a secure subsystem with a separate MCU on board with embedded software and security features: secure boot, key storage, cryptographic acceleration, true random number generator.

For products that require additional security, a factory initialization (pre-provisioning) feature is available on the PIC32CZ CA90. PIC32CZ CA microcontrollers can be configured with a wide range of connectivity options including USART/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN FD, high-speed USB and Gigabit Ethernet. The Ethernet option includes audio-video bridging (AVB) and IEEE 1588-based precision time protocol (PTP). These devices are scalable with 2, 4, or 8 Mbytes of on-board flash memory, 1 Mbyte of SRAM, and error correction code (ECC) memory to prevent data corruption.

The PIC32CZ CA 32-bit microcontrollers are supported by development boards: the PIC32CZ CA90 Curiosity Ultra, PIC32CZ CA80 Curiosity Ultra, and MPLAB Harmony v3 for testing, programming, and debugging during the design phase.

The PIC32CZ CA80 and PIC32CZ CA90 are available in a BGA 208 package.