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Electronics news

Pillarhouse's new Orissa Synchrodex Selective Soldering Machine

Pillarhouse International has launched the new Orissa Synchrodex selective soldering system with 4 modules with separate fluxes, preheating and 2 solder baths.

It provides precise controlled flux application before or during top side preheating. Preheating is monitored using a closed loop pyrometer located on the top side of the equipment.

Solder is applied using proven proprietary technology - a single point AP nozzle design with patented spiral solder bath return technology that reduces the chance of solder bead formation. As with all Pillarhouse systems, the soldering process is complemented by a hot nitrogen curtain that provides an inert atmosphere for the soldering process and helps prevent oxidation. This process provides localized preheating of the joint, thereby reducing thermal shock to localized components.

The main features of Orissa Synchrodex are:
1. Ease of use.
2. fast heating time.
3. Very little residue and low flux/nitrogen usage.
4. Durable soldering nozzles.
5. Good value for money.

Orissa Synchrodex is computer controlled via PillarCOMMX, a Windows based "Point & Click" interface with PCB image display. In addition, the stand-alone PillarPAD package allows you to create programs independently of the machine using Gerber data.