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Electronics news

BSC unveils Sargantana, the first open source chip developed in Spain

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) has unveiled the new Sargantana chip, the third generation of Lagarto processors.

Sargantana is more powerful than its 2 predecessors - Lagarto Hun (2019) and DVINO (2021) - and is the first processor in the Lagarto family to break the gigahertz operating frequency barrier.

Open source reduces the technological dependence of the new processors on large multinational companies, allowing innovation through collaboration between companies. The open RISC-V hardware architecture on which the new chips are based could revolutionize the hardware world technologically.

BSC director Mateo Valero said: "The release of Sargantana is another step towards the development of European RISC-V-based technology. Open hardware solidifies BSC's role in the adoption of open source on chip design."