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Electronics news

Developer Stefan Wagner's PCB adapter

Microprocessor enthusiast Stefan Wagner has developed a carrier board that allows quick and easy connection of peripherals including capacitive buttons, a rotary encoder and a compact OLED display.

Jumper cables are the secret to the carrier board's success: although there are many compact microcontroller boards that physically fit into the carrier board's pin sockets, not all of them have the same pins in the same places. Jumper wires allow you to direct the carrier board functions to where they need to go for each development board under test without having to mess around with multiple carrier boards.

The board itself houses a pair of capacitive touch pads, a rotary encoder, a potentiometer, three user-addressable single-color LEDs and eight WS2812 LEDs with addressable RGB ribbon, a piezoelectric buzzer, and a compact 0.96-inch 128×64 OLED display. The board also includes two electrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM) chips, one on the I2C bus and one on the SPI bus, and the WCH Electronics CH340E microcontroller.