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Electronics news

6G wireless technology

While 5G wireless is still in the deployment phase, researchers around the world have already begun work on the next generation of wireless networks.

6G will be the sixth generation of wireless technology that will utilize higher frequency bands and flexible cloud-based networking technologies to deliver record speeds with microsecond latencies.

"Connectivity will become like air," said Kaniz Mahdi, vice president of advanced technologies at VMware, the largest virtualization software developer. "Imagine if this level of connectivity comes along, how will it affect our lives?"

According to Kaniz Mahdi, the 6G research currently underway is still in its early stages. It will probably be a few more years before 5G technologies such as millimeter-wave will reach their full potential. A recently formed group called the Open Grid Alliance is also looking to "redesign" the Internet as a whole so that it can better support mainstream applications such as control systems for automated cars and factories.

6G is expected to become available in 2030. That's the estimate of most experts, given that new wireless standards emerge roughly every decade. However, nothing stands still. Even the term "6G" may at some point fall out of use and be replaced by another.