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Innovation in THT, adapting to the changing landscape

Through-hole technology continues to evolve, adapting to today's demands.

Recent advances include the use of better soldering irons and tips to provide better heat conduction and control. The introduction of flux pencils and brass jaws to the soldering zone improves solder application.

Innovations in soldering materials, such as flux-cored solder wire and lead-free solder, improve solder joint quality. THT also incorporates a wave soldering technique that allows multiple through-hole components to be soldered efficiently, ensuring that each component is flat and securely attached.

Soldering components using the THT technique:
- Hand soldering using a soldering iron, properly selected tips and precision tools, this process requires skilled operators using a precisely selected soldering iron.
- Wave soldering is a high-performance method of soldering THT components using an automated process.
- Selective Soldering Machine - Serial soldering of PCBs, but only certain areas and components on the PCB. Soldering is done using a soldering head.