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Electronics news

ESP32-C3-based board for garage door opener

"GARAGINATOR v1.2 is a smart garage door opener that is compatible with Apple Home," explains manufacturer Will Warren about the compact board.

"It works with any garage door opener that uses, for example, a wall button for control. The GARAGINATOR supports two doors via built-in 60-volt relays that are used to simulate a button press, which actuates the door."

Built on the Espressif ESP32-C3 module, the board provides wireless connectivity to the Apple Home app - but everything, as Warren explains, is handled locally and no Internet connection is required for the gadget to work. According to the manufacturer, the board is compatible with modern devices that include security features beyond a simple physical button.

"Each door can be configured to report open/closed status by connecting something like a magnetic reed switch (switch closed - door closed) to one of the GARAGINATOR sensor terminals," Warren adds."