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Board for connecting Raspberry Pi modules to Portena

The Arduino HAT Carrier board provides easy access to numerous peripherals including CAN, Ethernet, microSD, USB, camera and analog I/O.

Users can develop numerous robotics and building automation applications with the Portenta Hat Carrier. When combined with the Portenta X8, the HAT Carrier Board becomes an industrial platform compatible with Raspberry Pi Hats.

The Arduino HAT simplifies Portenta applications with dedicated debug pins and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) fan connectors. The carrier is also compatible with Portenta H7 and Portenta C33. The Portenta Hat Carrier provides Raspberry Pi Hat compatibility for the Arduino Portenta line of system modules, i.e. Portenta X8, Portenta H7 Series and Portenta C33. Sharing the Raspberry Pi Model B form factor, the HAT Carrier features a standard 40-pin HAT Header connector and a MIPI Camera Ribbon Connector.