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Electronics news

Europe's first trade show dedicated to printed circuit boards

Focus on PCB, the European B2B event dedicated to the world of printed circuit boards and PCBA, will take place on May 15-16, 2024 in Veneto, Italy.

It is a unique opportunity for all PCB and PCBA market players to exchange ideas and know-how. PCB developers and users will be able to meet and gain valuable insights on the latest developments and share their views.

A set of premium conferences and forums with key industry players and experts will explore the features and potential of the fast-growing market. Focus on PCB will allow PCB users to meet and gain insight into international manufacturers, while technicians and designers, who are always looking for innovative solutions, will be able to enhance their professional skills through a rich program of seminars and conferences.

Do you design or manufacture products that require PCBs? Are you part of the PCB-PCBA supply chain? Then this event is for you!