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THT component inspection system

Mek (Marantz Electronics), a supplier of automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment, has introduced the Mek VeriSpector AOI, a low-cost system for inspecting THT components before they enter a wave or selective soldering machine.

The VeriSpector AOI system performs rapid, real-time inspection of component assembly and placement, preventing defects before they progress to the next process.

Developed in collaboration with Nutek, the VeriSpector THT system utilizes Marantz 22X software. It is easily programmable while maintaining the power and speed of the inspection algorithms. The maximum size of the PCB to be inspected is 750mm x 500mm (29.5″x19.7″) and the minimum is 460x300mm (18×12″) when using the zoom setting on the zoom lens.

Standard features include a 24MP camera for crisp, clear resolution and a high-definition lens for capturing fine detail. Upgrades to 42MP or 60MP cameras are available depending on application requirements. The resolution can be increased for PCB inspection smaller than the maximum 750×500. Detected defects are displayed as red circles on the PCB map or as NG images.

Among the many AOI capabilities of the VeriSpector assembly station is fiducial recognition, which ensures the most accurate placement of components. The VeriSpector is available in three different models, allowing you to choose the camera that perfectly matches your inspection requirements: VeriSpector Inline AOI, VeriSpector Large Inline AOI, VeriSpector Manual THT AOI.