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Raspberry Pi is a 10-year-old board that has been running smoothly for over 6 years

KerazyPete's Raspberry Pi single board computer, equipped with 256 MB of RAM, paired with an RFM12B 868 MHz transceiver to collect temperature and humidity readings from sensors distributed in and around the house, has been working properly for 10 years.

Although due to power outages during this time, the Raspberry Pi computer sometimes failed to function. However, the UPS has kept the computer running during minor power outages. At last check, the uptime was 2,331 days - almost 6.5 years.

The Raspberry Pi was a small miracle, considering it uses relatively unreliable inexpensive storage systems - an SD card and a USB drive.

Whatever the reasons for this long run time, let's hope it's still going strong when its relative, the Raspberry Pi 10, debuts. Let's wish the little wonder of the Raspberry Pi functionality to continue for years to come!

As you can see in the image, the OS was first installed on November 30, 2013 at 20:00:32.