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SparkFun Thing Plus - ESP32-C6

Boulder, Colorado. SparkFun Electronics has released the ESP32-C6 Thing Plus wireless development board based on Espressif technologies.

It is based on Espressif's powerful ESP32-C6 WROOM-1-N16 module, featuring a single-core RISC-V processor, large amounts of flash memory, and a variety of wireless connectivity options. The development board opens the door to 2.4GHz WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.3, Zigbee and Thread (802.15.4) capabilities, offering limitless potential for IoT projects.

The key features and benefits of the SparkFun ESP32-C6 are:
1. Universal Expansion. A microSD card slot allows you to easily expand your project's capabilities.
2. Seamless integration. The Qwiic connector makes it easy to integrate Thing Plus with SparkFun's extensive ecosystem of sensors.
3. Power Management. Equipped with a LiPo battery charger and fuel indicator, Thing Plus provides efficient power management. Connect via USB-C or use a LiPo battery with a 2-pin JST connector for basic power and programming.
4. Feather Compatibility. Feather compatibility makes the ESP32-C6 Thing Plus board fit perfectly into a variety of circuits.
5. Wide range of GPIO pins. Spread all 23 ESP32-C6 GPIO pins on PTH headers in 0.1" increments for maximum flexibility.

"We are excited to introduce the SparkFun Thing Plus - ESP32-C6," said Kirk Benell, CTO of SparkFun Electronics. "The board combines performance, affordability and ease of use, enabling manufacturers to bring IoT projects to life."