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SparkFun LTE Stick board with LARA-R6 from u-blox

The SparkFun LTE Stick is a development and prototyping platform for u-blox's LARA-R6 LTE Cat 1 module.

The LTE Stick uses a version of the LARA-R6401, which supports data and voice and works in the LTE bands used by the mobile networks: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and FirstNet. The board features a nanoSIM card slot so users can select their desired network. Check with your cell phone carrier for LARA-R6 compatibility.

The LARA-R6 operates in multiple LTE FDD frequency bands (2, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, 66 and 71) and has many features that users expect from u-blox modules, including uFOTA (over-the-air firmware update), Root of Trust, secure boot/upgrade, interference detection, antenna and SIM detection and more.

Since LARA-R6401 supports data and voice, you can use LTE Stick with the right parts (such as audio codec, microphone, speaker and microcontroller) and code.

There are 2 SMA connectors on the board for the primary and secondary antennas of the LARA-R6. The primary antenna sends and receives data while the secondary antenna only receives. Power is supplied to the board either via the USB-C connector (recommended) or via the VIN PTH pin (maximum 6V). By default, the board uses the higher voltage input. Finally, the board also has test points for power users to solder the I2C interface, the secondary UART and the four GPIO pins (IO1, IO2, IO3 and IO6) to.