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Low battery-powered development board

NanoCell V2.1 is an energy-efficient board based on the Espressif ESP32-C3 system-on-chip.

It is designed for Internet of Things (IoT) projects with low battery power consumption. The board was developed by Frapais Labs in Greece.

NanoCell Board V2.1 is the latest iteration of the development board designed for low-power applications with improved LiPo battery management.

At the core of the NanoCell is the ESP32-C3, which integrates a 32-bit RISC-V core, RAM and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 5 Low Energy for connectivity. It provides easy integration with the Home Assistant home automation system and ESPHome. The board features a high-efficiency power converter, improved battery management chip and advanced LED indicators for improved performance and usability.

The NanoCell V2.1 board features low power consumption with a high-efficiency Buck-Boost converter that reduces standby current to 66µA without the ESP32 module. Hardware files and instructions for use are available on GitHub, and fully assembled boards can be ordered on Tindie: https://www.tindie.com/products/frapais/nanocell-v21/. The price per board is $14.49.