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NeoMesh Click - 915MHz

The NeoMesh Click - 915MHz is a compact board with a low-power long-range transceiver, ideal for creating wireless Mesh networks.

The board features the NC1000C-9, a wireless Mesh network module from NeoCortec. By connecting an optional antenna offered by MikroE to the u.Fl connector of the module, you can create a fully functional wireless Mesh network node operating in the 915 MHz sub-GHz frequency band.

The Click board is an ideal solution for developing wireless sensor networks, automatic meter reading, industrial automation, agriculture and forestry monitoring and much more.

NeoMesh Click - 915MHz is fully compatible with the mikroBUS connector and can be used in any host system that supports the mikroBUS standard. It comes with open source mikroSDK libraries, providing unprecedented flexibility in evaluation and customization. A distinctive feature of the Click Board is the ClickID feature, allowing your host system to easily and automatically detect and identify the board.