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Electronics news

Indium Corporation experts to speak at SMTA Pan Pac 2024

Two Indium Corporation experts will give presentations on low-temperature soldering at the upcoming electronics conference to be held from January 29 to February 1, 2024 in Hawaii.

On January 30, Alloys Group R&D Manager and Principal Research Metallurgist Dr. Hong-Wen Zhang will give a presentation on low-temperature soldering challenges in board-level large ball grid assembly. The talk will address heterogeneous integration in semiconductor circuits and related challenges.

On January 30, Senior Technologist Dr. Ronald Lasky will discuss the state of low-temperature solders, summarizing current research in this area and attempting to predict their future applications and adoption. Dr. Lasky will also review existing low temperature alternatives to tin-bismuth solders that are similar in performance to SAC solders.