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Powerful RISC-V board with 16 cores and 64 GB LPDDR5

Chinese RISC-V specialist Milk-V has announced a collaboration with Sophgo to release a near-single board computer (SBC) built on the new SG2380, a 16-core processor based on desktop-grade SiFive P670 RISC-V cores, an Imagination Technologies GPU and a dedicated neural network co-processor delivering up to 20 tera operations per second (TOPS).

Although the SG2380 is a system-on-a-chip, the Oasis device that Milk-V is building on top of it will not be a true single-board computer. It will host the SoC, but will need to add RAM - up to 64GB of LPDDR5 at 5,500 megatransactions per second (MT/s) - to be fully functional.

RISC-V Oasis features:

1. integrated AI. The SG2380 is the only RISC-V chip with integrated AI capabilities.

2. Superior Performance. With an 8-core SiFive X280 processor combined with Sophgo's TPU DSA design, the SG2380 delivers an amazing computational performance of 20 TOPS@INT8. This makes it suitable for modern PCs, tablets, NAS devices, servers, etc.

3. Versatility. Complemented by a 16-core SiFive P670 processor, the SG2380 opens the door to limitless potential in areas such as autonomous driving, cloud and edge computing, etc.

4. Memory and Computing. With up to 64GB of memory and processing power, the SG2380 effortlessly runs large-scale LLMs such as LLaMA-65B, eliminating the need for multiple Nvidia or AMD acceleration cards.

The mini-ITX format in which the Milk-V Oasis is made is compact by desktop standards, but not quite up to the level of wearable devices. Although with the connectivity options the company offers, there is no shortage of use cases for this device.