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Electronics news

New automatic stencil cleaner and tabletop milling machine from Seika Machinery

Seika Machinery, a leading supplier of advanced equipment, materials and engineering services, has launched the Sawa Ecobrid automatic stencil cleaner and Sayaka CT23S tabletop milling machine.

Sawa Ecobrid, a system that provides efficient and accurate stencil cleaning, ensures optimal performance of surface mount technology (SMT) processes.

The key features of Sawa Ecobrid are:
1. Fully automatic operation simplifies the cleaning process.
2. Advanced cleaning technology for optimal stencil performance.
3. User-friendly interface for easy operation and control.
4. Environmentally friendly design with emphasis on resource efficiency.
5. High productivity in electronics assembly.

The versatile and efficient Sayaka CT23S benchtop milling machine has a compact design and offers precision and speed in machining various materials.

Key features of Sayaka CT23S:
1. Compact design for benchtop use.
2. High-speed and accurate milling for various applications.
3. User-friendly interface for easy setup and operation.
4. Ideal for prototyping and low-volume PCB production.
5. Highly flexible electronic assembly processes.