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M5Stack CoreMP135 Industrial Controller

The M5Stack CoreMP135 is an industrial controller based on the STM32MP135DAE7 Arm Cortex-A7 microprocessor running at 1 GHz.

It features up to 4GB of DDR3L SDRAM memory and high-performance interfaces such as two Gigabit Ethernet ports, three USB ports, two CAN FD interfaces, two Grove interfaces, and an "HD" video output.

The integrated PWR485 communication card combines a 9 to 24V power input and an RS485 interface. The unit also features a microSD card slot, a small IPS capacitive touchscreen, and a 1W speaker for human-machine interaction.

The CoreMP135 is designed for low power consumption and uses the Allwinner AXP2101 chip for power management. The device runs Linux and comes with a microSD card with the Debian operating system for easy customization." A DIN rail bottom panel makes it easy to mount and install the device on a DIN rail.

The CoreMP135 is already available for order from the M5Stack store for $75 USD. US.