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Electronics news

New report on the global 3D electronics market 2024 - 2034

IDTechEx Research, a trusted provider of independent information, has announced the release of a new report, 3D Electronics/Additive Technologies 2024-2034: Technologies, Players and Markets.

The IDTechEx report evaluates competing technologies that will replace printed circuit boards with integrated electronics. It looks at technologies, materials and applications for electronics added on 3D surfaces (LDS, aerosol, valve jetting/dosing, LIFT and emerging technologies), in-mold electronics (IME).

While partially additive 3D electronics have long been used to add antennas and simple conductive interconnects to the surface of 3D injection molded plastic objects, more complex circuitry is increasingly being added to surfaces made from a variety of materials using new technologies. In addition, in-mold electronics and 3D printing enable the integration of entire circuits into an object, offering numerous benefits including simplified manufacturing and new form factors. With 3D electronics, adding electronic functions no longer requires embedding a rigid, flat PCB into an object and then connecting the appropriate switches, sensors, power supplies, and other external components.

"3D Electronics/Additive Technologies 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, and Markets" analyzes the technologies and market trends that promise to bring electronics into the 3D realm. Three different segments of the 3D electronics landscape are assessed. Within each segment, the report evaluates various technologies, potential barriers to adoption, and application opportunities.

Get more information about this report, including sample pages for download: https://www.pcbdirectory.com/news/idtechex-release-new-global-3d-electronics-market-report-2024-2034