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Samsung's New AI

Earlier this week at the Samsung AI Forum, the company announced the launch of a new generative artificial intelligence model called Samsung Gauss.

The model, developed by Samsung Research, will be integrated into the Galaxy S24 series of smartphones in the first half of 2024.

Samsung Gauss consists of three main components:

- A human language recognizer - Samsung Gauss Language;
- a code writing assistant - Samsung Gauss Code;
- an image editor capable of changing style, adding elements and converting low-resolution to high-resolution images - Samsung Gauss Image.

At this stage, Samsung has not provided details on how these large language models (LLMs) will function, but has provided some information on possible use cases for Samsung Gauss Language.

As mentioned above, Samsung Gauss consists of three main components, the first of which serves as the natural-language interface. The second, Samsung Gauss Code and its accompanying coding assistant code.i are for describing code and creating test cases. And Samsung Gauss Image is a generative AI model. For users, it can be a reliable alternative to DALL-E 3 and Midjourney.

It is worth noting that with the help of the AI Red Team (white hackers), Samsung monitors and troubleshoots issues that may arise during the development stages of AI models to ensure security and privacy with AI ethics.