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Chris Combs' painting “Big Wave” - Electronic Art

Electronic artist Chris Combs has created a work of art using colorful network cables, small screens, cameras and extra electronics that echoes Katsushika Hokusai's painting “The Big Wave off the coast of Kanagawa”.

The basic waveform is Ethernet cables suspended from a perforated board. These cables form a local area network with a switch and router. The network is used to connect ten computers that collectively respond to the presence of people using software created by the artist.”

The software running on 10 Raspberry Pi single-board computers receives data from distance sensors, infrared detection systems and Doppler radar to determine the location and movement of the viewer in relation to the installation, while built-in cameras look for faces. This data is displayed on a multitude of small screens inside the waves. (Attendance data is only stored for two minutes).

When viewers are absent for a while, a detail of wave spray from an original Hokusai print appears on the screens.

The artwork responds to people by displaying data collected about them, and goes into storm mode when crowds are large.

More information about the work can be found on Combs' website: https://chriscombs.net/2024/04/17/the-next-big-thing/