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Electronics news

KYZEN's aqueous solution wins Mexico Technology Award 2023

KYZEN, a world leader in innovative green chemicals, has received the Mexico Technology Award in the Cleaning Materials category for its AQUANOX A4618 Aqueous In-Line Cleaning Solution.

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, during the SMTA Guadalajara event held in Mexico.

AQUANOX A4618 is a highly dispersed aqueous cleaning solution for cleaning lead-free flux residues and obtaining excellent solder mirror coatings.

Advantages of AQUANOX A4618:

1. Effective removal of residues of different types of flux.
2. Environmentally friendly and low VOC content.
3. Exceptional compatibility with various materials, preserving the integrity of fragile components and substrates.
4. Superior performance at low concentrations and temperatures.

"We are honored to receive the Mexico Technology Award for AQUANOX A4618 Aqueous Solution," said Tom Forsythe, Executive Vice President of KYZEN. "This award validates our commitment to delivering high-performance and environmentally friendly materials to our customers."