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500 development boards

More than 100 companies have adopted the mikroBUS standard and integrated the mikroBUS connector into their development boards.

This growing community of companies is a testament to the power of mikroBUS™ in simplifying prototype development and ensuring interoperability across a wide range of features.

The 500th board with a mikroBUS connector was the PIC32CK GC Curiosity Ultra Development board from Microchip, a company that was the first to adopt the mikroBUS standard. Microchip has released more than 90 boards with the mikroBUS connector.

Recent developments include the CC-WMP157 development board from DIGI Internationa, RM1261 DVK from Laird Connectivity, FRDM-MCXN947 from NXP, and W65C02EDU from The Western Design Center (WDC65xx). The full list of mikroBUS-enabled boards includes products from Infineon, NXP, Renesas, Silicon Labs and u-blox.